LastPass has announced that they've been the victim of a data breach. Once again, they're advising all users to update their passwords.

LastPass, a password manager and digital vault, has announced that it was hacked. This is the second time in under two years.

LassPass, a password manager, is investigating after its technology was breached earlier this year for the second time in 2018.

LastPass recently announced that an unauthorized party gained access to some customer information as a result of a data breach in August. The security incident resulted in the unauthorized party using login credentials from LastPass's cloud service, which was shared with GoTo, LastPass's parent company.

The third-party cloud service wasn't named, but so far the 2020 blog post by Amazon Web Services has cited that company's transition of a billion customer records to Amazon's cloud.

Toubba did not provide any details about the customers affected by this incident, but confirmed that it is currently working to identify the scope of the issue and what specific customer data was accessed.

LastPass, which was acquired by LogMeIn in 2015, has confirmed they were hacked. It isn't clear if customers of both LogMeIn and LastPass are affected, or just one.

LastPass used to be a less secure password manager for MacOS users, but it's now on iOS - which means the company is doing more to protect the security of its users' information.

A blog post from Toubba posted on Wednesday reinforces the fact that passwords remain safely encrypted at all times.

GoTo spokesperson Elizabeth Bassler declined to comment on the situation, other than saying that it's been addressed in LastPass' blog post.

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